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PLASTICS MISSION for Australians

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PLASTICS MISSION for Australians
2019  Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed to
           establish a timetable to ban the export of waste plastic,
           paper, glass and tyres

        National Waste Policy Action Plan (NWPAP) agreed to by Australia’s environment      ministers

2020• First National Plastics Summit
       • Passing of the Recycling and Waste Reduction Act 2020
       • Microbeads phased out in rinse-off cosmetics, personal care and
        cleaning products

2021• First National Plastics Plan delivers on action 5.5 of the NWPAP
       • CSIRO’s A circular economy roadmap for plastics, tyres, glass and paper

          in Australia released (January 2021).
       • Regulate unsorted mixed plastic waste exports (July 2021)
       • First review of National Environment Protection (Used Packaging Materials) 

          Measure 2011 and the Australian Packaging Covenant to evaluate the
         co-regulatory arrangements
      • National Plastics Design Summit

2022• Regulate unprocessed single polymer or resin waste plastic exports (July 2022)
Phase out non compostable plastic packaging products containing additive 

fragmentable technology that do not meet relevant compostable standards
(AS4736-2006, AS5810-2010 and EN13432) (July 2022)
Phase out expanded polystyrene (EPS) in loose fill and moulded consumer 

packaging (July 2022), and food and beverage containers (December 2022)
Phase out PVC packaging labels (December 2022)
Review progress of 2025 National Packaging Targets

2023• At least 80% of supermarket products to display the 

Australasian Recycling Label (December 2023)

2025• National Packaging Targets for industry:
100% of packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable
70% of plastic packaging goes on to be recycled or composted
50% average recycled content within packaging (20% for plastic packaging)
problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging phased out
(target 5 of NWPAP)

2030--Work with the textile and whitegoods sectors on an industry-led phase-in 

of microfibre filters on new residential and commercial washing machines by 1 July 2030

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